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HJA - Aluminium range of motors   IE2   80-132 frame
HJN - Cast iron range of motors   IE2   80-355 frame
HJN-HO - Cast iron range of Higher Output motors   IE2   80-280 frame
DMA2 - Aluminium range of motors   IE1   56-132 frame
DM1 - Cast iron range of motors   IE1   71-355 frame
DM1-IP23 - Cast iron drip-proof motors   IE1   160-355 frame
HJO-IP23 - Cast iron drip-proof motors   IE2   160-315 frame
LVX - Cast iron large motors   n/a   355-560 frame
LVX-IC416 - LVX with Forced ventilation   n/a   355-560 frame
PE3 - Cast iron range of motors   IE3   112-280 frame